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Houston, TX

Trying to make a host show up in Home Network Devices

3600HGV at&t UVERSE 2WIRE is the router I'm using.

My IMAC 27" is listed without a problem, since its ip address is, while the router's is Now I created a VirtualBox machine on my IMAC 27" with an ip address, and made the IMAC a dual homed host. The second interface of the IMAC has an ip address The netmask for both network ( and are

Setting the gateway address for the VBOX machine, it can browse the internet.

The difficulty is that I cannot set a working pinhole for the VBOX machine to open certain port on it to the world, since the VBOX machine is not listed as Home Network Device. How can I make the router see my VBOX machine?

BTW, I enabled a supplementary Network in the Broadband/Link configuration, with router address and subnet mask, and with Auto Firewall Open checked. It doesn't work.


I don't have VirtualBox, but looking at their documentation, it looks like you would forward the port to the IMAC, and then configure VirtualBox to listen on that port and forward the traffic to the guest OS.


Raleigh, NC
reply to nugulus
Edit the Settings for the VM then
Network -> Change the adaptor to be attached to bridged, not NAT.

Your VM will then talk directly on the network connection and it will show up in the list then.


Houston, TX
Thank you for your reply. The VM Settings->Network was Attached to: Host-only Adapter. I changed it to Bridged Adapter. The VM is still not seen in the list, and ping stopped working except itself. Is there any other settings I need to change too?

Mr ANon

reply to nugulus
Your Imac is being used as a router to your virtual machines. I see that you said you have changed the virtual adapter to bridge, good! This now makes it a switch instead of a router.

All you need to do now is change your virtual IP scheme, actually if your virtual computer is bridged on to the real network it should be able to use DHCP to get an address from the RG like any real device. After that all should be well.