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reply to MoreFaxes

Re: I am not affected but I am worried / thinking to abandon TSI

said by MoreFaxes:

For these reasons, I am thinking to terminate my Teksavvy internet services. They are worried about getting sued. So am I, so I am going somewhere else. I would not like to take a chance, just like Teksavvy does not like to take a chance in order to fight for privacy.

I am voting with my wallet!


Do you seriously believe that whichever ISP you move to will fight for your privacy more-so than TSI, or would keep logs for less than 90 days, or would not be subject to the same laws and types of court orders?


Please enlighten us with which ISP you're considering moving to. Bell? Rogers?

Any of the big incumbents would hang you out to dry faster than you could blink; all they care about is pure profit and they will not spend a penny of said profit to defend their customers' privacy. I can also guarantee their log retention is far longer than TSI, so don't kid yourself if that's where you're heading. I'd also find it laughable if you think that a big bureaucratic incumbent's logging accuracy would outweigh that of TSI's.

As for other smaller ISPs similar to TSI? Yes, there are quite a few. But I think you'd be quite hard-pressed to find one that is nearly as open and honest about how they handle their operations and legal challenges as TSI.

I'm all for voting with one's wallet, but please be smart about the premise of your decision.