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Fife Lake, MI

[Services] AT&T inaccurate information

I'm hoping someone can offer some assistance, and that this might possibly even get the attention of an AT&T employee to get a DSL availability issue sorted out. It's a long story, so I'll try to just get to the important stuff, and if someone would like clarification or more info, I'll gladly provide it.

1. 2004-2010 Had a land line with AT&T installed at my parents' address after starting a home based computer repair and networking business.
2. Met a girl, grew up and moved out of my parents' basement, started renting to own. Talked to the neighbors, 3 of whom have DLS with 2Wire modems, the next 3 houses to my west (the 1st at 150' away). Ordered the phone number transferred to my new address, ordered DSL added with same order.
3. Got email confirmation that the address change order was complete, went home to hook up modem, dial tone but no DSL signal. Went online to check the status of the order, figuring it was a split order and the DS Lwould come later, and saw that that part of the order had completely dropped off the order, was nowhere to be found on the online status. Got email later that that part had been canceled.
4. Placed another order to add DSL, again my address showed it was available. Thinking it was because they had my number on file at my parents' address which is further away and behind a load coil, I just figured it would take some time, or convincing that I was definitely in the service range. Got confirmation of the order and an install date. Again after a few days, the order got automatically canceled.
5. Called AT&T and did an online chat with them, they had no explanation, because their system definitely shows I'm eligible at my address. "Let's try again" they say, and put an order through. Again it gets canceled, and within a couple weeks I get several post cards in the mail saying AT&T regrets that they were unable to fill the order, but keep checking back. I had begged for them to send a technician out to the house and check the signal or explain to me in person whether it was distance, line quality, or available ports that was preventing me from getting it. No go, they say they don't schedule visits. If an AT&T tech comes for hookup or DSL line check, they may do it when I'm gone, or may never come at all. Who knows.
6. By this time I'm ticked off. I have run a computer/networking business for 6 years, and have installed and troubleshot DSL modems and connectivity problems for years. I know the owner of a small time telco that operates over AT&T's network, and he did a line check and said I was roughly 11,000 line feet from the CO, and he'd have no problem selling it to me if I was to order... at double the price for half the speed. I say no thanks, my neighbors have AT&T so I know it's on my road and within 150' of me. Place more calls to AT&T, and eventually notice that when I do a DSL check online, my address no longer shows as eligible. I still figure it had something to do with the change of address from my parents' house, and their system hadn't caught up yet, but by this time I'd talked to so many people that I had given up.
7. Ported my land line number (which is listed and in print on business cards) to a cheap Verizon flip phone, forwarded that number to my cell phone. Plan to deal with it this way for two years using smart phones as hotspot, etc. (cable at my office, so no big deal). Playing a waiting game with AT&T until my 2 year Verizon contract is up.

Now fast forward two years, Out of the blue a trailer house shows up next door, new neighbors want to hook up a phone line. The installer meets me in my driveway and said there was no underground line to the neighbor's house, could they tap into my line and run something above ground until he can get another work order through for a trencher to come out. I say sure, we're not using any land line services anyway, do what you need to. Then I say as long as I have him here, can I grill him with questions. He was extremely friendly and helpful, and listened to my whole story. He said he had just driven the route that morning, and didn't think there was any way it was within range. I said I'm good friends with Neighbor X next door, and he has had it for 3 years (although at nothing higher than 1.5Mbps). Also explained that I had had Telco X check the distance at 11,000 some line feet. He said he was shocked the neighbors had it from the route he drove that morning, he didn't see how it was possible, but he'd put a referral call in and have someone get back with me. Someone did get back with me that afternoon, and said I could get U-verse and qualified for speeds up to 3Mbps. I held off on placing the order because I was still in the Verizon contract and was considering bundling with a land line again after that contract is up. That was maybe two months ago. My Verizon contract is up in February, at which point I will port my number to Google Voice for a one time fee, and save ~$16 on my cell bill, which will pay for most of the DSL addition at 1.5Mbps. I am NOT considering going back to a land line at all, and I don't think I ever would after using Google Voice and other VoIP options.

Now fast forward to this week. Some money got freed up from other monthly bills being paid off, so I said I'll order DSL now. DSL availability check on the site now say DSL unavailable but U-Verse is. Continue to the U-Verse site and reenter address, and it says it isn't. Do an online chat with AT&T and explain it, and they give me the whole runaround about distance, a limited amount of ports again, etc., etc., everything I'm already familiar with. I get on IRC with "Telco X" again, and they do a line check and this time give me: DNQ CD Distance: 16,999 ft
RT Distance: 18,999 ft
EQ26 Loop Length: 17,561 ft
So that's where it stands right now. Personally I think whatever AT&T's computer system is telling their reps is completely inaccurate. I also know with 100% certainty that my nextdoor neighbor has been on 1.5Mbps ADSL for over three years, and if I do a driveby with a laptop or wifi finder, I see other 2Wire gateways within the next few houses on our side of the road. I wish I could get someone to actually set an appointment and come out and do a signal quality check and tell me to my face why I can or cannot get it. They will not set an appointment where I can plan on being home and meeting someone in my driveway. I know with the rural residents fighting for broadband options without having to pay $50-70 or higher to a sat company, a lot of people on this forum have heard the same story I'm telling. But if anyone can offer any assistance I'd appreciate it. $20-30/mo is completely manageable, and all I want to do with it is browse the web, check email, and have my DVR media PC download TV guide info... any large downloading and file transfers I do at my office. I know what I'm getting with 1.5Mbps DSL and my expectations are not high. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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Some issues can be overcome, others not. If it is a matter of available ports, that requires good timing to place an order when a port comes available. Perhaps a "Prequal" request in the AT&T Direct forum will help. You get a one-on-one consult with a tech. It is a private forum, so billing address and number can be posted (do be sure you are actually in the Direct forum when posting!) Do not "bump" your post. Have patience; the techs don't work on weekends and holidays.
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