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Calgary, AB

They committed to this abuse years ago

During the Bush administration.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress, along with the President no matter which party he is from, want this authority for government to have over the populace.

Obama as a Senator blasted warrantless wiretapping but as soon as it was realised his campaign against Hillary was in his favour, he switched positions realising he would benefit from this.. it also helped that AT&T sponsored the DNC in 2008.

Then they went ahead and modified FISA together giving retroactive immunity to law breaking.

These people are out to protect each other, not American freedoms. The populace must hold them accountable but instead they are biting at the carrot these politicians spend so much money to market and create typical divisiveness with. So long as this is allowed the government mouse will want a cookie, then a glass of milk, and so on, until something gives. They have been given the mandate to do so. The constitution will not protect rights by itself, it needs the populace to help keep it that way. Right now they are not helping by continuously electing people who flat out will eliminate said rights.
Politicians realized from business that marketing is sufficient over quality, which is why politicians try and market their personalities rather than the quality of their work.