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Re: Just picked up a new phone - HTC DNA

IMO, voice quality is about the same. The data speeds are significantly faster with Verizon due to 4G. I live in the Buffalo area, and frequent the Rochester area, both markets have excellent 4G coverage, although, I live in a small rural town, and at home, I have poor reception with all providers and no 4G access. With Sprint I’d be at about -109 dB and needed an Airrave for reliable reception. With Verizon, the Droid DNA is sitting next to me as I type this at -97 dB, which isn’t much better but it’s not low enough to get break ups when talking.

With 3G on Verizon in decent areas I get 1-1.5 Mb Down, and about 750 Kbps Up with Pings in the 125 – 175 ms range using the Syracuse server on the Speedtest.net app. Using the same server on Verizon 4G I get 5-10 Mb Down 5-10 Mb up with a ping in the 90s. Honestly after seeing how fast Verizon’s LTE was from other users around the country, I’m pretty disappointed. Even at 5AM in the morning, right in the heart of downtown Buffalo, I can’t achieve the speeds others have achieved. I’ve topped out at like 12Mb down. While neither Buffalo or Rochester has LTE coverage from Sprint, and no mention of these markets have been made, Rochester has had wimax coverage for a few years. I had good luck with Sprint Wimax, speeds averaging 12-15 Mb Down and 1.5Mb up, maxing out at over 18Mb down. I hate Verizon as a company, I hate being capped (I have the 10 GB shared plan sharing data between two smartphones and a USB air card), as soon as Sprint has a significant portion of Upstate NY covered with LTE, provided there is a very nice spec’ed premium handset available, preferably from HTC, I’m outta here, I’ll gladly pay the ETF and split.

The main reason I switched was due to Sprints 3G network becoming slower and slower. I couldn’t even stream a low quality YouTube video without it buffering every few seconds for minutes at a time. With no announcement of 4G LTE I just couldn’t take it anymore. Speedtests would get me anywhere from 150 Kbps to 800 Kbps on average. I was always excited to hit over 1Mb and that was usually before 7AM if I was within eyesight of the tower. Here’s the sad part, on Thursdays for work I’m in a rural area with no native Sprint reception so I’d always be roaming on to Verizon’s 1XRTT network. I always had significantly better speeds roaming on Verizon’s 1X network then I’d have when I got back to civilization and was back on Sprints own EVDO A network.

My stint with Verizon is more of a stop gap or bandaid then anything. I do not foresee myself staying with Verizon for the long haul. I was with Nextel since the fall of 2002 and migrated over to Sprint. A few years ago I dual subscribed to both Sprint and AT&T. I kept a Nextel flip phone and had AT&T for the iPhone, but ditched them after 16 months when Sprint launched the original Evo back in the Summer of 2010. My Sprint account is still active with a tablet plan for the HTC Evo View tablet.
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So tell me, why is exactly is the iPhone so great?
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