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i told myself I wouldn't buy another Apple product until...

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They stopped the lawsuit mania. And... I ended up buying an ipad mini

The specs suck compared to the other 7" tablets, and it uses ios, which I admit is stable, but also looking pretty dated nowadays.

But the thing is light and thin, and fits easily into my sweatpants pockets (Doesn't make them fall down much either!), allowing me to take it anywhere, including the gym. I don't need a laptop bag, just stick this in my pocket, and use it on a treadmill.

It also works very very well with games. GTA 3 is almost like using a controller.

The screen does suck in portrait mode, butthe screen is also 1024x768.. I don't have an ipad 'retina' device, but I do have a Android 1920x1200 device, and it can easily handle portrait. In the older ipads I read everything in landscape, you have to remember to do the same with the mini.

I have a grandfathered 20 gig verizon lte plan (Back when they had the double the gigs for the price) for about $110, so I added my plan to the device. I ended up having to get a nano sim card cutter though...

One thing I hope happens soon is a freakin jailbreak. I'd like to make the device think it's connected to wifi so I can get the most out of my 20 gig lte plan...

Including pics.

... My phone battery is discharged so I'm using a REALLY crappy camera. Will update later.

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I just got mine, finally, a few days late, but it's here.

The screen is larger compared to other 7" screens; that extra 0.9" makes a big difference. Simply comparing it to the BB PlayBook.

So I know that Apple hates flash, but it's one feature that I wish it would have.

I attached a photo enhanced (eh, whatta yeah expect from an iPhone) of a side by side of the PlayBook and iPad Mini. That extra 168 lines in height make a big difference.

Overall, they are almost identical in size except for depth, the Mini is a lot thinner.

The PlayBook though still has way better sound and way better camera. However, for other stuff like browsing and reading PDF's, the iPad is better, not to mention app support.
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