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Cambridge, ON

[Wired] Linksys E1200 - Quick drops

I have a DSL modem (Comtrend) and plugged into that a Linksys E1200 router. Past 2 days we've been having issues where pages don't load, downloads stall, World of Warcraft will disconnect etc...

Looks like the connection is getting dropped very briefly and reconnects right away. Tech said to watch and see if the DSL light on the modem goes out or not when happens but, it's random and quick so, no idea.

I removed the Linksys from the equation, connected direct to the modem and setup a broadband connection, and for an hour was having 0 issues.

Setup the Linksys again and 20min into Warcraft, disconnected me. While logging in, it dropped again as well. So it seems like the router... which of course, warranty gone about 2 months ago.

Running Lynksys E1200 v2.0.02. Tried a reboot, also tried a reset and setup the router again. Anything else to be tried? When it drops it's quick and random, immediately reconnects, and when connected it's pretty much the full 5Mbps speed (used speedtest.net and speakeasy.net).