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reply to pike

Re: Elect Him

Pike the article is about freedoms, and it's the perfect context to discuss the erosion of our natural born liberties. FISA inherently impacts how you and I live on a daily basis. Sadly, most of our country are what I call Chicken Littles. When the news reports a sensational story, society to include our reactionary politicians, bandwagon the topic. When the bridge fell, infrastructures the problem. When Aurora and school shootings happened, mental illness. - Of Course, Fox news says now's not the time to talk about guns (Rolls eyes).

The fact of the matter is that our country is made up NITWITS. I.E. Look at 9/11 and the expansion of our government. A deconstruction of our constitution over an event that takes FAR FEWER lives than handguns. We now torture "terrorists", invade countries, and all you hear about is how Muslims are out to kill Americans..... Sure they are and the Flying Spaghetti Monster is out to reclaim his booty of pirate gold. Religion is a problem (Christianity, Islam, etc) but the problem is from a small segment of society. Yet, our government uses the context of 9/11 to justify just about EVERY intrusion into our lives now.

Yet, you have the Auroa Shooting, 16-22,000 Murders (80% involve handguns), School Shootings, etc and no one is to touch the second amendment. Lo and Behold, the NRA doesn't talk about gun reform. Nope, how dare America touch that sacred wording.

Instead, we'll gut the constitution and be left with nothing but our guns and cars. Neither cause any problems... Ah yes, America the once glorious Democracy.

Washington, DC

I think I misunderstood your first post (thought you were making an argument not to change gun laws). I completely agree with everything you are saying here.