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Riverside, CA

Motorola VIP-1216 not working

My DVR box threw one of its disconnecting fits again, as it's prone to doing every 3-10 days, and the new Residential Gateway that we were issued hasn't helped matters any. We usually force a reboot by holding the power button for 5 seconds any time this happens, as it is prone to just sitting there and doing nothing whenever it loses its connection. This time, we were greeted by this screen after it finished booting:


I don't suppose the disconnection issues had anything to do with the original installer keeping the coaxial wiring from our previous Charter installation, rather than running Cat5e everywhere? If we need a new DVR, would that be requested by mail, like the RG was, or would that require a service call, and thus possibly include rewiring?


You can request it by mail and a new/refurb will arrive at your door in a few days. If you think the wiring is an issue, the AT&T tech you call will run a few line tests to see if its the coaxial in your house that's bad or the wires outside your home. If there are problems, a tech will come and fix/replace the wiring and dvr. If not, they'll give you the option for mailed dvr


Riverside, CA
Never mind, power cycling, rather than soft rebooting, seems to have fixed it. Although it would still be nice to have runs of Cat5e, if that's more reliable than coaxial, but I don't think we can afford an unnecessary rewiring call.


Oak Park, CA
reply to kode54
My Motorola VIP-1216 freezes and pixelates and tiles video and resets don't solve it. I have had AT&T out 3 times already in the past 10 day, and they somehow make it work for a few days and then it's messsed up again. The last tech replaced "F"coax connectors and it seemed to work better for 24 hours.

The internet is also inconsistent in speed. I paid for 24 but am lucky to get 13. One TV with Cisco box works fine, but without DVR, there is no rewind, pause, or fast foward. I want to go back to Time Warner as I see no advantage to Uverse. Time Warner just worked. AT&T seems to me to not be ready for prime time.


Sorry to say, but Uverse works just fine , it is the untrained techs, and the managers attempting to make their efficiency numbers look better.

The 1216 has been obsolete since the beginning of the year. No techs should be installing them. They have been notorious for going down shortly after install or reset.

I'm surprised we do not hear more about the obsolete 3800 2wire modem that is still being installed, at least Texas. These should have been circulated out of use 3 years ago when the 3801 came out.

If I were to have to reset my Charter modem everyday, like a lot of customers do with the 3800, I would find another provider.


Michigan, US

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reply to kode54
I found swapping out my 1216 for a 2250 solved all my issues. No more freezing. No more pixelation/tiling. Much more responsive. Etc...


Riverside, CA
reply to kode54
I suppose this means I actually have to call somebody on the phone during appropriate business hours, and likely spend 10+ minutes on hold while they run line tests. Is there some way I can also have them run diagnostic tests on the internal wiring and DVR? No point in replacing the gateway with a 3801 since they already did that the last time I called them about DVR problems.