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Who is using my bandwidth?

Hope I've found the right forum area?

I have recently allowed my next door neighbor access to my router whilst he changes ISP.

He did the same for me, so fair is fair. However, I was very respectful and only used his connection to check my work mails and do the spot of browsing.

My internet slows massively at different times during the day and I am beginning to suspect he is downloading stuff despite my requests for him not to download or stream TV.

I know there are simple and drastic measures I can take to kick him off the network, but I'm not that rude.

Is there anyway I can monitor his bandwidth, just to be sure its definately him?...Then 'tell im orf'

I have tried Perfmon, but I cant add his computer as a controller as it wants his username and password.

(If i have posted in the wrong bit, please help me by moving / or telling the right section to post this topic, thanks)


Chicago, IL
You may be able to monitor his IP address from the router. Some router will also provide SNMP capability so you can easily graph his IP usage using tools like MRTG. This does get a bit complex, and may not be what you need to do at this point.

Easy way to see if its him, when things are running very slow, change wifi password or turn off wifi and test on your end.

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL
Yeah can't get simpler than that and your speeds suddenly increase and then the phone rings you know.


reply to Korpers
Set QoS in your router to throttle him, if your router dosent have this then get a router comparable with dd-wrt and flash it. Set him up to no more than half your peak speed ie 1.5M if you have a 3M connection. This way he can't saturate the connection and you can still enjoy it.


North York, ON
reply to Korpers
Nowadays there are fax marketing or fax blasting services that can auto retry at certain number if it was busy at the first attempt. There are more benefits to new technology so think about the investment you need to make in your office if you want a better efficiency.