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[KS] Cox service problems becoming a nightmare

About a week ago, Cox cable subscribers got nothing but the national emergency alert message for about 18 hours- it blocked all cable channels, the techs literally couldn't find a way to turn it off.

Now, we have been unable to access email for over 36 hours with no end in sight. Their response? "We're working on it".

All hosting and major service providers on the internet maintain a system of redundancy. They use secondary back-up drives which constantly "ghost" the operational drive data and are hot-swap, meaning they can instantly replace an entire running system that has developed a problem by switching the controlling source drives. They Have conventional back-ups too, and they have a library of all critical component software scripting, which allows any corrupted scripting to be replaced in minutes. This is what allows those services to run 24/7 for years and keep down time to a small fraction of one percent, with problems solved in minutes. Of course this requires keeping skilled technicians on staff rather than laymen.

Cox takes 18 hours to figure out how to turn off the ERS message, and seems to have no idea how to diagnose and repair it's own email. This leads me to believe they do not have adequate back up systems, or they do not have staff with enough competence to use them correctly. Their service is rapidly going to the toilet.


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I know Cox has some really great techs, in this forum and on the roads. I've met them, chatted with them and know thay are very capable and can fix anything whithin their power.

I dropped my DTV service because the infrastructure in my area wasn't capable of providing a quality of service that I was paying for. There was nothing to be done, no matter how much tech time or new cable was put in. The limit was the infrastructure and it's hardware.

I think the current e-mail situation mirrors my DTV experience with Cox. As you said, where's the backup, ghost, fail-over, redundancy... anything!
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reply to spiritgide
We have at least two threads on this already. Three won't get it fixed faster.