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El Paso, TX

Xbox 360 - Unrecognized disc

My xbox just started giving me this error on my games. For Halo 4 I just have to open and close the tray, it will read it on the second try 90% of the time. For battlefield 3 it used to take around 5-10 tries to get it to work.. I tried for about 15 min yesterday til I finally gave up. The only other game it will read is Fifa.

All my other games either get the "Unrecognized disc" error OR they will show up as DVD's, so when I hit "Play DVD" it just gives me the xbox logo.

I took my XBOX apart yesterday and cleaned the laser and that didn't help.

I've had this 360 since the very first day they were launched. I'm sure it's on it's way out and I'm suprised it's lasted me this long.. but have any of you had this error and fixed it without replacing your laser or disk drive? If I have to replace any parts I'm just gonna buy a new one. Thanks

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united state
In addition to cleaning the laser, I also cleaned and regreased the rails and the wormdrive for the laser. The amount of dust in the box was stunning and I found that the dust got on the grease and gunked it up. For grease, I used some Xerox silicon grease for copy machines my friend gave me.


El Paso, TX
Good to know, I may give this a try. Thank you

Markle, IN
reply to Fiftycals
Same thing happened to me a long time ago. It ended up being that the dvd drive was bad. I bought another dvd drive off ebay to replace it. I had to buy a special kit to hook the old drive to my computer and pull the key off it, then put that key on the new dvd drive. It was a huge pain, and I wouldn't really do it over.


El Paso, TX
I've decided to just buy a new xbox slim. Thanks guys