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Orleans, ON

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Ottawa East/Orleans Outage ?

Yesterday it looked like Rogers was having undisclosed network issues in Orleans (aren't they always undisclosed/unannounced). It's continuing today, I rebooted the Rogers modem (which is in bridged mode) and my router/switch, no good. Websites load slowly, netflix streams get interrupted etc.

Pings are being dropped (randomly, no discernible pattern) to the Rogers gateway IP address as advertised from the "ipconfig /all" command, from both my local hosts and my router/switch. Furthermore, pings to other known good IP addresses are dropped too.

Rogers TS suggested to connect directly to their cable modem. Is anyone else having issues?

I am also experiencing the same issues and live in the Orleans area. Rogers tech support indicated that it was my problem because the modem seemed fine. First it was because my modem was not plugged directly into an electrical outlet (was plugged into a powerbar). Next it was because my router was wireless, and was probably "on the way out". I saw that this was a conversation where it couldn't possibly be there problem and had to be mine even though everything was working fine until Dec 12th.


Ottawa, ON
I know that I'm having issues with the Wifi speeds, it is very slow its intermittent I have the Cisco DPC3825 Router. They want to try to get me the hiltron router but I had that the other time, and i was getting dis-connected from mirc every 30 min or so.That's why I have the Cisco DPC3825 router but having issue with wifi