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Cool Cat
Happy Valley

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reply to THZNDUP

Re: [Rant] ownyourmodem.com

said by THZNDUP:

mynewmodem.com, ownyourmodem.com, Comcast.net, EBay.com, close enough for the interwebs.........

I'd trust Amazon to weed out poor vendors before I would EBay. As well as handling any seller 'problems' better.

Even from 'Bargain Equipment', who's Comcast/Amazon listing, BTW, does reflect their J model Zoom as being 'New' not 'in new condition' as ownyourmodem does.

Personal story: I had purchased 3 new iPad 4s through Amazon last month. One from 1 vendor & 2 from another. The vendor selling me the "1" came through and all was well. The other vendor didn't ship. After a few emails with no replies, I contacted Amazon CS. Since my emails were all logged through Amazon, the rep could clearly see there was no communication from the seller. The rep told me to give him 3 days to see if the seller would respond to their communication. If the seller did not contact them to provide shipping info. etc., Amazon would cancel the order & reverse the "pre-authorization" on my funds. Amazon's communication was top notch. I was contacted and told my order was cancelled and should see the pre-authorization come off within 24 hrs. Awesome resolution in a total of a week.
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