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Re: $700 Gaming laptop recommendation

It is unlikely you'll ever get desktop performance (or anything close to it) in the near future on a laptop. I purchased an I7 3770K to run a server, and tried World of Warcraft on the integrated GPU. The GPU when running games creates more heat, and consumes far more power than the CPU.

A decent GPU does an awful lot, and on all desktops I've ever owned has been the primary user of power. I tried to get a laptop that could game a couple of years ago, and at an affordable price, it wasn't possible to find one.

You may find a laptop that is somewhat suited for gaming, but the GPU will be the determining factor imo. Find the best GPU you can on a laptop, and good luck.

I took a very high end GPU and installed it on a very poorly reviewed AMD 6 core bulldozer system. With a very good GPU, the system outperformed my I7 based systems in game graphics. It is my opinion (and there will certainly be exceptions) that for gaming, the GPU is more defining of ultimate performance than CPU. You need enough CPU, but it's almost impossible to get too much GPU.
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