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London, ON
reply to Wtf1

Re: Rogers constant random disconnects

IMHO 99% of the time the problem is on Rogers end. If your internet "has been rock solid up until Dec 1st" that's a good indicator that your end is fine.

Same thing happened here in London back in the spring when Rogers was converting all the analog cable channels to digital format etc. My internet would drop almost daily (sometimes several times a day) This issue resolved itself after a couple months.

Best advice: Check all your lines and connections thoroughly then run a couple Ping tests. Ping tests are a very good indicator of your line/connection quality.

As far as the signal booster goes. Try running without it to eliminate it being the cause of your issues. I read somewhere signal boosters add noise to your signal which degrades your internet connection.

If all else fails call a tech to come out to check all the outside lines. As long as it's a Rogers problem it won't cost you a dime.