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Aptos, CA
reply to Mele20

Re: [WIN8] most annoying thing in windows 8

said by Mele20:

What I want to know is why did Microsoft move them if not for some reason like cellphone design?

I dunno - the toast notifications in Win8, and Windows Phone 8, are at the TOP - not the bottom. So clearly it's not a 'cell phone design' to put them at the bottom.

Just to make sure we're talking about the same thing, it's the Notification Bar in IE9+: »windows.microsoft.com/en-US/wind ··· uestions

I assume it's at the bottom because it is in the content window itself, and covers the content under it. Putting it at the bottom impacts the least amount of content, so you can see the context for the notification (the site contents that lead to the need to be notified) and also because the user CAN ignore the notification without serious consequences.

That's just a guess, I didn't design the UI. I can live with it, it's not THAT onerous to look down to see the notification when one appears (or more likely when a page doesn't do something I thought it would...)

Ah... more google time... Here is one person's take on the change: »winsupersite.com/windows/interne ··· tion-bar (Paul has plenty of insider access, his reasons are probably right.)
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Hilo, HI
Thank you! Paul Thurrot probably is right about the reasons.

It still makes zero sense to me. It is not in the least intuitive. Intuitive would be (1) if important, smack at the top where I can't miss it. If unimportan,t then don't have it at all. In between...don't have it at all then either. THAT is intuitive. Why in the would I need a browser telling me I started a download? What a browser should do in that case is switch to the download page so I can see the download speed and, at 40%, make a screenshot to prove to my ISP had bad my speed is.
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