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Liberty, MO
·Time Warner Cable
reply to antdude

Re: let the speculation begin!

said by antdude:

said by nephipower:

Like Motorola870 said you are much less likely to have problem with DOCSIS 3.0 because with 2.0 you are only relying on one single channel. So if that channel gets congested then you get speed slow downs.

However with DOCSIS 3.0 and TWC you are going to have at least 4 downstream channels so if one is more congested they can utilize other channels that are not as congested. So all 4 together they are able to get constant and consistent speeds. You can still have speed problems but it is a lot less likely.

That is why you can see HUGE changes in performance going from a DOCSIS 2.0 modem to a 3.0 one. If you are already in a good service area for 2.0 then you won't really see any real difference. In some cases you might see performance decrease because Powerboost only works with 2.0.

Can you define good service area? Is that uptime? If so, then yes, it is fine. To me, yeah it works well during non-peak hours like right now at 9 AM PST: 1.8-2 mB/sec from Steam. During peak hours, I noticed download speeds can go down to about 200 kB/sec.

Does TWC have DOCSIS3 modems for those with digital phone service? I think my parents still use a DOCSIS2 cable modem (Arris TM502G) from its summer's installation.

Here at least they have two different D3 phone modems. Arris tg862/852 and a Ubee model.

A Ninja Ant
United State
·Time Warner Cable

Here at least they have two different D3 phone modems. Arris tg862/852 and a Ubee model.

I wonder why TWC installer guy didn't give them a DOCSIS3 cable modem! That means, they have to replace the modem just for it. Argh! IIRC, faster speed packages would require it too.



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TWC didn't mind going back and forth, they have plenty of $ to waste.