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York, ON

[Cable] Today we were switched over from Rogers to Teksavvy and.

...it was fantastically smooth and without issue!

The Teksavvy DOCSIS 3.0 modem we ordered was online and provisioned around 8am this morning. Speeds are great and this is primetime on a weekend :

We were with Teksavvy previously and this was close to the initial outset of cable in our area of Toronto. There were issues at the time with DHCP and Rogers messing with it and I had to unfortunately switch to Rogers because I need the internet for work and needed it up.

Friends in our area have said everything is smoothed out here now, and after a miserable year of dealing with Rogers and their horrendous bandwidth caps, we are glad to be back with Teksavvy.

Fun story. When I called to cancel our Rogers service retentions offered me a package with 300GB for the same price as Teksavvy and promised me we'd continue with the Extreme speed package. I took it and it turned out they were lying, the package was 10Mb/s rather than 28Mb/s, and I had to call back and cancel. This was actually a good thing in the end as it kept us from being with Rogers for another miserable year. Of course you have to give 30 days notice, which we did. Scheduled Teksavvy Internet to activate on the day the Rogers ended, which was today, but Rogers decided to be nice and cancel it early on Friday. Even though we were paid till today.

Glad to be back with Tek.

Old Martin

Re: [Cable] Today we were switched over from Rogers to Teksavvy

Glad to see things are working properly for you.



reply to sourtimes
welcome!....I got rid of rogers since October and its been great!

Kitchener, ON
reply to sourtimes
Glad to hear everything went well for you. Speed is looking good.

I've found a few times now when the incumbent shuts off service early. Always makes the transfers that much rougher when you don't have the net for a few days or the weekend.