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Boca Raton, FL
reply to dbeatson

Re: Port U-Verse Home Phone to Wireless Home Phone

said by dbeatson:

AT&T is offering their wireless home phone adaptor for free with a 2 year contract, The service is $9.95 a month to share your existing wireless minutes or 19.95 a month for unlimited minutes.

Anyone else here switch? If so what do you think?

Since this unlimited plan is cheaper than U-Verse home phone makes me think AT&T wants everyone to switch to this, otherwise they would lower U-Verse home phone prices, what do you think?

I have looked at the new offer and it replaces a landline or U-verse VoIP with basic cell service. So if you have great AT&T cell service at you home it can be a good option to consider an addition line on your FamilyTalk our Mobile group plan for $9.99.

Also it wil have the same restrictions that your current cell rate plan has so consider how it fits into your overall usage pattern of mobile to moble or mobile to landline.


Clover, SC
I added it on it's own plan for the $19.95 separate from my regular wireless plan.

Also the unit has a traditional vertical antenna for better reception, I already get good signal at my house on my regular cell phone, when I go to my neighbors house I get one bar to no service, we tried this device at her house and we got a medium signal quality, which is good enough for the device to work properly.

Anyway to make it show caller ID over U-verse TV? I assume not but who knows.


Going from memory, but I think if hit the menu button then possibly the system tab and read sub-menus from there. It is usually turned on by default