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Re: Connect Primus Canada ATA to Xfinity modem/router?

said by awebber:

However, is there any way to put the TG862G into Bridge Mode? I can't find anything on any menu, nor can I find it in the limited documentation online? If I understand correctly, Bridge Mode will turn it into just a modem? Then I can hook up the Primus ATA to the modem which was working on a Canadian ISP in early December.


[sorry, forgot to say I think the current Primus firmware is from 2005. ]

I think that Comcast keeps their gateway boxes locked down tightly, and you will have to contact Comcast support and request that the TG862G be put into bridge mode remotely. However, didn't you already try the ATA behind a Motorola SB5100, and it didn't work?
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Yes you're right I did (you have better memory than I ) but I don't think I did much troubleshooting with the SB5100. Was thinking I might get Primus to switch the account to the 2102 (it's a relative's so we can probably keep it) and do it all again, in case it's the specific D-Link DVG-1120.

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