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MNSi Internet

Windsor, ON
reply to hm

Re: Discussion about log retention

said by hm :

Out of Cogeco's mouth themselves during the hearings, which, by the way, the MP3's are in this very Teksavvy forum that you an search for yourself.

However, here is what was transcribed that day as it came out of Cogeco's mouth (and within the MP3 you can find in this forum):

"Cogeco just said they throttle and check your packet payloads 24/7"

Then they stated:

CRTC said: They (Cogeco) is retaining data (on you?)

CRTC: How long:

Cogeco: 30 days.

Raises issues (as a minimum):

1. Cogeco looking inside the packet payload (equivalent to opening your Canada post snail mail to peek at whats inside)

2. Keeping this data that they illegally peeked at for 30-days (as a minimum).

Transcription as it happened and came out of Cogeco's mouth:
»Cogeco's throttle and DPI-Discussed

The CRTC then stated (as will be heard if you check the MP3's in this very forum) they are awaiting for Cogeco customers to complain and they will take the issue up. But as far as I know, no customer from Cogeco ever did, when they should have.

So no, not all ISP's are the same, as you were stating.

Looking inside and storing the entire contents are two different things. They may store the classification/type of data, but they did not say that they stored the actual payload. You're just inferring that they're storing the entire payload contents.
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