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DI-524 blocking http traffic over LAN

I have configured my PC to be a http server and it works fine when I connect to it locally.

I am having a problem connecting to the http server from any other device on the same network.

I have run a port scanner on the other device which indicates that the port is closed yet if I run the port scan locally (on the http server PC) it shows up as being open.

Does the DI-524 block http access across the LAN? I have configured the "Virtual HTTP server" setting in the "Advanced" >> "Virtual Server" tab on the modem but it still wont let me through.

Is there something I need to do on this device to allow http (port80) traffic through?

I even changed my http server to listen on port 8080 and I still can't get through on the local network... Can you please help me understand why the router is blocking this traffic?

I have configured my network on 192.168.1.X and the PC (http Server) is configured on

The port scan from the alternate device shows all the normal ports being open (i.e. 139, 445, etc.) but port80 is appearing as closed


Portland, OR
Maybe you have some firewall software, such as Windows Firewall, running on the webserver that's blocking incoming traffic?

Routers, especially home routers, usually do not affect LAN traffic.


Bingo! Added a rule to Windows firewall and it worked! Surprised that windows automatically adds a rule for every other program that I install but doesn't do the same for its own IIS software!