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Re: [Voip.ms] Delay in Answering Calls

said by PX Eliezer70:

said by connor79:

While the SNR is being set up I have voip.ms forwarding the DIDs to the cell phones, and at least twice a day I'll get an email saying new voicemail in my voip.ms mailbox, without my cell phone even ringing once. I'm completely done with VoIP.

This is why I get so concerned when providers get ongoing issues, it spills over.


said by bigbutt:

First, some nomenclature to avoid confusion:

For those who are reading the IETF RFC's, this is also known as early media.

said by bigbutt:

Problem 1) "voip.ms outgoing call continues ringback despite recipient pickup".

Problem 2) "voip.ms received call gives silence to caller for x seconds".

Problem 3) "voip.ms outgoing fast busy".

There are more problems,

These are all symptoms of a resource issue.


said by bigbutt:

Problem 2 seems to be a toronto (et al?) server issue,

said by connor79:

No offence but I don't think it's your Cisco.

This may occur at any POP with resource issues.

said by Viper359:

EDIT: Well Sorta, now 95% of calls are working normally, but I still have two that didn't work. I never heard it ring, and the person was talking about 10-15 seconds before I heard them. URG.

It's intermittent because it's dependent upon the available resources of the POP when the call arrives (or when you dial out).

This is the reason some people experience the symptoms, while others don't, at the same POP.

It's like a lottery.

The chance of winning (experiencing a symptom) increases with the number of tickets purchased (calls made/received).