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Phoenix, AZ
·Cox HSI

[AZ] No Remote Desktop after Modem swap to an eMTA

I recently swapped out my sisters personal Modem a Moto SB5120 for a Cox provided Cisco DPQ3212 eMTA Modem, which she is now using for both Phone and Internet.

Ever since the swap, I can no longer maintain a Remote Desktop Connection. The login is successful, but the connection terminates as soon as the Desktop starts to load. The Modem swap and her IP address were the only changes made on either end.

Does Cox block Remote Desktop Connection on their eMTAs?
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Norman, OK
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Basic Remote Desktop test
What happens if she goes to the CanYouSeeMe site and test on port 3389?


Have you tested over her local LAN, if she has one, to see if you can connect using RDC from another local computer? Use the local static LAN IP of her RDC host when calling from the other local RDC client machine. See the diagram...

As an interim workaround you might have her download and install TeamViewer.



Phoenix, AZ

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reply to BryanInPHX
Since its just a modem I it shouldn't block anything unless they are using those ports for voice.

I have seen, usually with a swap of the router, but perhaps something changed when you swapped the modem, that windows thinks its on another network location (home, work, public) which had other firewall rules...

Personally I've always set up another port for remote desktop as I used to get all kinds of attempts of connection on it similar to ssh. In fact, some recommend an ssh tunnel into remote desktop.

The fact that you can make a connection suggests to me the port is not blocked and the problem is on her system. I once had a computer whose mouse always vibrated a little and occasionally affected things like a remote connection (though I don't think it was remote desktop) as the vibration would regain local control. There has been an update for windows 8 connections, perhaps its kicking you out for using an older remote desktop... I once had a linux client that would allow an apparent login but then kick me out until I enabled older connections... I would think that the login never would have been presented if that were the case but it didn't kick me out until after the attempt to login.