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Riverbank, CA
reply to SeattleTech

Re: [Rant] [LONG]A Tale of Three Truck Rolls

Seattle , I am WELL aware of what you speak of , been there done that a few times now. Our crews have great communication between them, just one a professional note I would want to know when it is resolved. Its not a common occurence.



Phugg, I totally get where you are coming from. I have done the same things for YEARS until I smartened up. Following-up with the customers is great and all, but regardless of how high a level of customer service one wishes to provide, they have to do it on company time and LEGALLY.

You can't be working off the clock. I know it feels like it is your right to work off the clock if you want to, and I know you do it to show the customer that you really do care and want to help them. You can still show them you want to help by following proper company channels and only conducting yourself as a CONcast employee only during work hours. If you cannot do that then the CONcast system is BROKEN and they need to figure out a way in your shop to address customer concerns in a more efficient and professional manner.

I feel kinda bad scolding you, but please take no offense as I am only trying to help you understand the BIG picture. You are setting a standard for other techs to have to do the same thing. If your measured metrics are awesome because you work for free then good for you...lets see how far that gets your career. I`VE BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, AND I NO LONGER WORK FOR THEM. I HAVE TREATED MY CUSTOMERS LIKE GOLD BUT IN THE END THE COMPANY DOES NOT CARE. THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT "POWER" AND "CONTROL" (SURPRISINGLY, NOT "MONEY"...THAT COMES WITH POWER AND CONTROL SO THEY REALLY DON'T WORRY ABOUT MONEY TOO MUCH AT OUR LEVEL.)

Call your customers when you are AT WORK. You are not a salary employee. At very least, CHARGE THE COMPANY OVERTIME (even just a few minutes) if you absolutely HAVE to take customer calls on your days off. And let the customer know it is not typical for techs to call on their weekends, so they don't EXPECT it from the next tech they deal with down the road!

Phew, I sound like a grumpy old man. Sorry dude!

I hate sounding like this.

I have a lot of respect for you after 15 years in the business, but PLEASE stop enabling CONcast and allowing them to take advantage of you.

Oh, and as far as having good communication between departments at your shop...that must be nice!!! I`m jealous!!!

Our shop is using every anti-union tactic in the book (9 out of 11 of the most common ones, actually) to keep the union out. We are in an active election campaign in Seattle, and one of the first things they did was break up the shop (move dispatch out of house, no more all-employee meetings unless it was to shove anti-union propaganda down our throats), no more tech assists unless its an aerial drop, get everyone out of the shop in 15 minutes in the morning so nobody can have time to talk to each other, and they told us we are no longer able to call the call center on behalf of the customer if dispatch can't help (billing inquiries mostly). In addition to all this, the supervisors will no longer email responses to tech`s questions (eliminate paper trails) and they will not provide answers to tech's questions in real-time...they have to run everything past local Management and their Lawyers first. Seattle is a mess, and if you havn't been through a union campaign with CONcast then you havn't seen the real CONcast yet, sadly.

The one threat to CONcast's "POWER" and "CONTROL" is UNIONS!!! Once one tries to exercise their legal right to organize at CONcast, they meet the true monster that CONcast is.

Ok, I`m done. Struck a nerve.