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Gainesville, VA
reply to IowaCowboy

Re: Or just rebrand Linksys as Cisco

said by IowaCowboy:

They should just rebrand Linksys as Cisco.

That's been going on since the day Linksys was purchased. Go to www.linksys.com and see where you are redirected to. Notice the branding image on all the current models .... it's Cisco, not Linksys. The branding change was initially driven by the fact that Linksys had little name recognition outside of the US.

The better Linksys products were absorbed into the Cisco Small Business product line and carry no Linksys branding whatsoever.

Anyway, the bottom line is margins and profit. The small profit Cisco derives from Linksys isn't even a blip on the bottom line. Linksys home products is just a distraction from the core business.

Look for the former Scientific-Atlanta cable business products to be the next business divested.

Iowa native
Springfield, MA
·Verizon Broadban..
said by voiptalk:

Look for the former Scientific-Atlanta cable business products to be the next business divested.

I would like to see Scientific Atlanta absorbed into Motorola as Scientific Atlanta boxes/equipment are junk as well. I have always liked the Motorola Set-Top boxes but in terms of modems, Arris takes the gold in terms of quality stand alone modems (not their gateways/routers).

If that happens, Motorola (or whomever buys their broadband CPE business if they sell that off as well) should develop a universal set-top that can be used on systems that were built on the Scientific Atlanta platform.

I know I sound picky but I only want the best CPE in my home. I am very choosy when I am at a Comcast office. Some reps honor my request and some outright refuse. Some customers don't care if they drop a DCT 2000 in their home and some (like me and a few other members on DSLR) want only the latest and the best. I'm picky where I buy my gadgets from as well (95 percent of the electronics in my home come from Best Buy, Apple Store, or Verizon Wireless corporate stores).

I had a rude in-house tech that refused to install an Arris TM822g even though he had one on his tuck. I have also had some nice techs (including one that had been with the local Comcast division and its predecessors for over 30 years).


Joliet, IL
Motorola is trying to sell the cable box division themselves, with Pace being one of the companies that could buy the whole division....