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[WIN7] Network adaptor priority connecting to two networks

At my work I have a computer that I use for program development. The majority of the time I connect to our corporate LAN through a wireless adapter. Occasionally I use the wired network connection in my program development. Right now I need to connect to a separate "test network" through the wired connection and still have my wireless connection to the corporate LAN. It only partly works.

Windows 7 seems to want to use only the wired connection when it is connected. This means I can not connect to the corporate LAN for file, email, and internet access. We just recently upgraded from XP to Win7, I used to do this in XP all the time and had no issues connecting to both networks at the same time.

For now I have put a hub on my desk and connect or disconnect the "test network" as needed, but this is a real PITA and this setup used to work fine in Windows XP.

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you're looking to enable dual homing windows 7 (that's your google terms)


seems promising

or possibly

»www.eightforums.com/tutorials/29···ers.html (tip for windows 8, but a win 7 user posted it worked for him too...)

As a last resort, you could also make a Virtual machine that is connected to the alternate network's adapter ONLY, then the VM would be on that network, while the host is on your primary network.
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reply to b10010011
It's a routing issue. If both adapters are configured to say "the entire IP address space is reachable via me" then, unless that's true, you will have problems. If it worked before, you were probably just lucky.

The easiet way is probably to set up specific manual routes for the wired connction, as per the Microsoft link posted above.