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Clifton, NJ

How does 'Multiroom DVR Free for Life' work after exp?

My 2 years might be up in February, so I'm looking at prices for renewal. Actually I'm on a month to month plan with the two year price. I do have a multi-room free for life deal, so would that just be a "free" add-on to whatever deal I get or is it wiped out if I take one of their offers that is currently going on?

Anyone recently renewed to the Ultimate HD triple play? That's what I have now. Actually Quad with my cell service on one-bill. It's very confusing because they're confused. Anyway...

How much can I look to get in terms of pricing for an Ultimate bundle in NYC tri-state area? I would be willing to lock in for two years and bundle the cell phone too. Online seems higher than I'm paying now with all my boxes etc...

Lex Luthor
Hicksville, NY
Interesting. When I got that, it was my understanding the MR-DVR was free for as long as I kept continuous service.

They bill it on the bill and then credit it back.

I'd say just negotiate the best deal you can, leaving that piece out and expect that it'll be billed in the same fashion on your new plan.

I'd be a little annoyed if it was anything other than that.

Let us know what you find out in the end.

Clifton, NJ
Verizon messes up the most simple of billing issues. I would never want to hold my breath on the billing being right in that respect. Sometimes we are forced to do so, but I would hate to leave it up to them to do the billing correctly. They are a nightmare. Just my experience.
I honestly have given up on so many cases where they over billed me for whatever reason. Just flat out given up and paid the bill.

Sorry, a little OT, but yeah, I'll see what happens after I call.

Just wondering what others are getting for the Ultimate triple play in terms of price? I do have the MRDVR plus 3 HD boxes plus their internet security software (I know).

Brooklyn, NY
reply to cissado
Its suppose to be free for life as long as you keep the triple play.
Mets, Cowboys, Devils


free dvr for life promo coming back? Are the promos better after new years?


Schenectady, NY
I hope so.

I'm holding out moving to VZ awaiting the return...

It seems to have been available up to twice a year in some areas.