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Cradlepoint connection with 598 & EVDO

WOW ... will she EVER go away??

So, main question is: will plugging the 598 into the Cradlepoint MBR95 kick it off of EVDO?

If so, does anyone know if there is a setting tweak on the CP that will eliminate that?

I'm having problems establishing a wifi setup with CP and it SEEMS that what I did get after my attempts was VERY slow speeds again so I plugged it back into the PC laptop and then back into the Mac. Speedtests on the laptop were ping 245, down .11, up .28. On the Mac, they were ping 209, down .25, up .33. So, likely this is due to the equipment capabilities.



Re: Cradlepoint connection with 598 & EVDO - Update

Wild fluctuations in signal strength ... just sitting still. Not changing a thing. -78 dbm to -125.

Cradlepoint tech support -- oh, please, Millenicom, take some notes on their training and systems -- did do a few little tweaks to make sure stayed on EVDO and such. We got some connections working sporadically but, ultimately, realized that the signal fluctuations were not steady enough to reliable evaluate and deal with setup. Turns out, I wasn't setting up incorrectly, just couldn't "fight" the fluctuations.

THEN, I returned the call from Millenicom and talked to Buck who ... well, see above. He wanted to do another reset. I said no. Not yet. I don't trust that setup over there. Also wanted me to move the antenna and such around and see if signal settled down. Welllll ... yeah .... already been doing that!!!

I'm exhausted and I'm sure you all are tired of reading my stuff. I only keep posting updates because I know that when I am researching a new service or a problem, I appreciate any other experiences that might shed light on a situation.

Max Signal
Buffalo, NY
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Re: Cradlepoint connection with 598 & EVDO

Those speeds and pings indicated an overloaded Tower and network . If you can live with 20GB go to Verizon package on Millenicom


Gord, I am going to contact you shortly. It has been suggested that a directional antenna might steady this. I suspect you will tell me it won't resolve it but might help. Confirming Vz coverage at our place is not easy but I have an idea of something that might work.