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reply to MediacomChad

Re: [MN] Problem returns to MN Iron Range?

Again, it's like in November, if you're looking at speedtest, the speeds look fine. It's just websites like youtube, google, and some others load very slowly or not at all.


Eveleth, MN
Aye to that. It's not as bad as it was in November for me, but it's the similar type of problem. Sluggish load speeds, fine speed tests.

I play a lot of games, and I'm having no issues staying connected to my TeamSpeak server or any of my clients, but loading websites? Forget about it. (Sometimes.)

EDIT: Okay, as of today I take that back - the problems are as bad as they used to be last month. Images won't even load now but yet I maintain a constant connection.


Agreed, I got home from work at 9 am this morning and launched up diablo 3, and some league of legends, both ran fine-ish; had some minor lag in LoL but I'm not sure it was my connection. Went to put on a youtube video, and the 2 minute video took 10 minutes to get half way buffered. Never once has the connection dropped though. I'm not sure what they did last month, but the symptoms are uncannily similar.