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Altoona, PA
reply to Bmac1024

Re: Speeds slow around 7pm...

I would be happy to investigate these issues for either of the posters in this thread. We have not had any utilization issues for some time now, our DOCSIS 3 upgrades left us with a large amount of available bandwidth. However, weird things happen! I'd be glad to check further. Can you send PM's on this forum? If so feel free to PM me some info I can use to look up your account, physical address or modem mac address would be preferable.

On the topic of speed issues, I can explain our general troubleshooting methodology.

1. have the customer run a speed test.
2. if results are lower than listed speed
3. see if it is a signal issue. modem levels, etc.
4. if we don't see anything like that, ping the modem from our end
5. if not levels or packet loss (if it was we'd roll a service man for line issues)
6. have customer connect a pc direct to modem (assuming a router) and test again
7. if we still have slow speeds
8. check utilization
8. send a service man out to check lines, modem etc, run ping tests and speed tests from his cable testing unit.
9. if after a service call, put in a ticket with our engineers if problem is not resolved (engineer basically requires a tech to have been dispatched to rule out line issues, hence why there are two number 8's!)

The most common causes of slow speeds when a user call are, and this is in no particular order: router, mistaking a slow pc for slow internet (Internet Explorer opens real slow but the bandwidth is available), customer usage (someone running a torrent client and maxing out upload bandwidth.) After those, it is usually poor signal that gets fixed with a service call.

After that, well that is honestly like a 1 in a 1000 case. If we do have utilization issues, we know pretty quick, because everyone on the node calls us within a week or so to let us know. From there, it is a matter of engineering splitting the node, which takes a while. Nodes aren't off the shelf parts and it isn't a simple process to split a node.


Cumberland, MD
Hey ABBJason my speeds have been so bad for the past 2 months, same as Bmac1024's. Here is a speedtest at 10pm of what speed i get everynight. »imgur.com/7qShy


Altoona, PA
I see the screenshot, but as I said, to look into the matter further I would need some information to identify an account. If you don't want to provide that via this website, you can always call us toll free at 888-536-9600.