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Lyme, NH
reply to mocycler

Re: Moving to an area with terrible Internet. Satellite?

Great answers. Thanks all. I did check my comcast bandwidth usage. Looks like I'm doing 800-1200 Gigabytes a month of transfer currently.

I do share my connection currently with 4 neighbors so that isn't very surprising..assumption is that I"ll fall within the 200GB range for personal use. Things such as running Plex media server at home and watching content on my iPad while traveling streamed from my home server..things like that are benefits that I'll have to compromise on.

I actually live now in an area that's far more rural than where I'm moving. I live 20 minutes from Dartmouth college and I'll be 10 minutes away where I am moving. When I ordered Comcast, I was surprised 50 and 100 megabit were even available. I did check and the DSL is available at the location as the people that lived at the house we are moving into said that's what they use.

Time to use less Internet and rely more on the DVR, Cable and OnDemand offerings through Satellite TV.


Lyme, NH

Current Speed Where I am - »images.adam-jackson.net/image/1Z0x3Z1N1638

90 Day Data Usage - »images.adam-jackson.net/image/2V223V0V0J1F

Makes me worry that the Satellite is not the right choice for data usage and for the reasons everyone above has already said.

Carnegie, PA

Get two dsl lines with a load balancing router.. 30/2 for 100 bux a month, not too bad..

if it aint broke, tweak it!!
currently on FiOS (kick aZZ!)


Lyme, NH

Great idea. Any idea of what hardware is best?