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Brookline, MA

spam from magicJack (advertising email, can't unsubscribe)

The title of this topic is the same as »spam from magicJack (advertising email, can't unsubscribe) which unfortunately I can't add to since it's over 90 days old. In »Re: spam from magicJack (advertising email, can't unsubscribe) I predicted that in 6 months, when I got the next MagicJack spam, the unsubscribe link still wouldn't work. I just got another one, and indeed it still doesn't. The link for placing an order works, of course.

The subject of the spam email is "Important Notice from magicJack and Half Price Sale" and at the bottom it says "You have received this message to update you of important customercare information and to inform you of your ability to upgrade your service. If you do not want to receive any sales offers please unsubscribe at any time." but as noted above, the link does not work. Looking at the email as plain text rather than HTML, there is an URL visible ( ), but if I go to it, it shows that I already had my Special Offers Emails preference set to OFF. It says next to the choice "NOTE: If you set Special Offer Emails to "OFF" you may still receive service related emails.", but my MJ subscription expired 2 years ago, so I shouldn't be getting any emails at all.

I toggled the choice to ON and then to OFF again in case that makes a difference, but it probably won't.

I dunno what email provider you use, but I use yahoo mail and I simply flagged anything remotely ad related from MagicJack as spam.

Now it all goes into my spam folder automagically. It's not like I expect any really important email from those guys, and as long as I top up my account once a year thru their website, everything's right as rain.

I'd just flag it as spam and let your spam filter take care of it for you. That's what it's there for.


Brookline, MA
It's not a big deal to delete it, since they only send it every six months. What's aggravating is the way they pretend to let people opt out, when they have no intention of doing so. If they ever go out of business, I'd expect every email they've ever harvested to be sold.