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Calgary, AB

READ the permissions request

The greater issue is that people just say yes to the permission requests (least with BlackBerry Apps anyway)
A good example is Google Maps. The app continuously wants to approve personal data permission when loading.
People will simply say yes because they don't really understand what information is being collected.
Another one is Cineplex theatres. Their app annoyingly wants to access my phones contact lists and other personal info including folders. WHY??

My nature is to ask what the app wants to access and why, and thankfully, BlackBerry is pretty good at blocking these activities without your interaction but what about iOS and Android?

I can see how this has become a major issue, and suspect it will only get worse.


Pleasant Hill, MO
If people don't read the user agreement/permissions request its their own fault I say.


San Diego, CA
·Cox HSI
said by me1212:

If people don't read the user agreement/permissions request its their own fault I say.

Agreed, but I call it natural selection.

Purcellville, VA

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reply to mrherzog
It would be nice to have the Android operating system (and others) allow users to block permissions to apps at a granular level. My suggestion would be as follows:

Step 1: App author writes app and publishes to Marketplace, with a list of specific permissions needed by the app to run properly (as is done today).

Step 2: User downloads app and is presented with a list of permissions that app author requests (as is done today).

Step 3: User can then accept all requested permissions by default, reject all permissions with the click of a button, or enter an interface to fine-tune permissions that s/he wishes to give to the app. In the event that users 'fine tune' the permissions, they acknowledge that certain features of the app might not run properly or even be available.

This seems like a solution that makes everybody happy (well, most people- there will be some developers out there who aren't happy with this process).