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reply to norwegian

Re: What are these 2 IP's up to?

said by norwegian:

said by NetFixer:

I don't know what you used for your DNS/whois query, but the 2 destination IP addresses (which would indicate the OP's ISP) posted by the OP ( and both unequivocally point to Telus when I do either a whois or DNS query.

Sorry, confusion is my middle name - those original IP's in the probe of the IP - there is no way they were the receiving IP...

IP Address:
IP Address:

And therefore (to answer your original question again), no way that they would have been the OP's ISP. The destination IP addresses (which are allocated to Telus) clearly indicate the OP's ISP.

Just in case you are confused about your original question (which I have now answered twice); that question was:
said by norwegian:

Ah, do you have Charter as your ISP, as that was the lookup I was getting...

And you did not mention any specific IP addresses in your original post.
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