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External Sata dock: USB 3 or eSata ?

In my quest to simplify my backup process, and looking for a good external dock, I stumbled upon this review of a dock:

Well, theoretically, USB 3 (5Gbps) is faster than eSata (3Gbps, since it's Sata rev 2). But I really thought in reality (and according to random comments I read) eSata is still faster as far as file transfer on drives are concerned.
The bench scores showed on that review clearly shows USB 3.0 (as it should?) is faster except when transferring a 5 GB file. But the difference is so minute.

Any personal experiences?

To be safe, I think I'll go with a dock with both USB3 and eSata. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

El Quintron
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I recently did nearly 700GB backup over USB3 (from a USB2 drive connected to the same computer) It took about 4 hours.

The speeds fluctuated quite a bit, whereas with eSata, your speeds are more likely to remain constant, giving you a more predictable transfer. (a possibly a faster one, depending how much fluctuation you get with USB)
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Decatur, GA
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Just got a Seagate Expansion 2 TB USB 3.0 drive and it is FAST. This is on a i5 1156 board that has a NEC USB 3 chip as an add-on (Not built into the Intel chipset). I also added a WD USB 3.0 PCIe card t give me 4 USB 3.0 ports. Speed with the Seagate drive is about the same on all 4 ports. Lowest was in the 50-60 MBs and the fastest was in the 140MBs range. Usually around 80-90MBs. Best I ever got on USB 2 was around 35 MBs but usually lower. I'm happy.
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Fat City
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I consistently get 90 MB/sec with eSATAp (power over eSATA).

Brooklyn, NY

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From what I have read (Maximum PC, CPU Magazine) there tends to be an inconsistency with large file transfers with USB 3.0 due to the fact that each manufacture has a "different" way of "implementing" USB 3.0. It's almost like when 802.11n first came out for consumers, for the consumer to experience the best throughput, they had to use "compatible" (from the same chipset manufacture) AP (router) and NIC (ex. Broadcom AP and NIC).

That's why when comparing eSATA to USB 3.0 there tends to be a different story when transferring large files.

So, your best bet is to "stick" to eSATA until USB 3.0 becomes more "standardized" in the market, where all manufactures have the same way of "implementing" USB 3.0.

Jan Janowski

Skokie, IL
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I have both... They both have about the same speed, but USBV3 seems to be a bit more forgiving on multiple simultaneous reads or writes...

I'm using Momentus XT drives in both locations.
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Just have ordered WD My Passport Essential SE 750GB USB3.0 HD for my backups. I have eSata HD so this would be great to BackUp all of my data.