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reply to Link Logger

Re: Pentagon Hacker Gary McKinnon Will NOT Be Prosecuted

said by Link Logger:

Former school security chief who knew Adam Lanza mentions that he had some mental health issues including Asperger Syndrome.


I know several Asperger-labeled individuals fairly well. All of them seem to have difficulty or inability to connect the socialization part of their minds with its ordinary, day-to-day functionality. This leaves them disconnected or estranged in various social-interaction scenarios, and they sometimes experience sensations of hostility or resentment toward the ordinary people involved in such encounters, perhaps because the nuances of socialization race right past them or get misinterpreted. At the same time, they seem more able or free to apply logic or focus to certain detailed impersonal sitations. In a real world filled with other people with whom interaction must occur, it can be a tough place for such people to dwell. Just sayin'...
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Technically feasible
West Hartford, CT

Think of Asperger's as 'social dyslexia'. They might eventually 'get it' regarding social situations, but it requires a great deal of patient individual attention over many years.

The online community is one place where people with Asperger's can interact with others without the Asperger's getting in the way. You can't misinterpret nonverbal communication or body language when you can't see the other person. This makes anything Internet-related highly attractive to anyone with Asperger's.

A lot of people with Asperger's end up in IT. The mental advantages that are the trade-off for the 'social dyslexia' are very helpful when dealing with computers.