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This is a sub-selection from Agree....

PX Eliezer7
Hutt River
reply to KerryG

Re: Agree....

said by KerryG :

USF is a mandatory tax. Should we break the law and not charge it?

The tax is on PROVIDERS.

NOT customers.


A provider can choose whether to pay the tax as part of the cost of doing business, just as they pay their other taxes, and pay salaries, and pay all of their other expenses....

....OR a provider can pass on the USF tax to the customer, as a separate item not listed in the base price. That makes their advertised prices look falsely lower compared to their competitors.



Maybe both are wrong?

Adding it as a separate item is good. It helps keep prices low. You can apply for exemption. Most carriers put USF separate. Not a trick. Complaining about it is only for very small users, maybe.

But you say they take USF when you pay. Are you sure? Because USF is not owed on *all* services. Look it up to find out when you must pay USF. Google says this is has been a problem before, when a carrier charges USF when it is not owed.

This is a sub-selection from Agree....