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New Albany, OH
reply to kw0

Re: [TWC] Zoom 5341J Soft-Rebooting randomly

Might as well update this.

My original setup had the original feed coming from the wall to a cheap 2-way Wal-Mart splitter, which was also feeding my TV (direct connect/no cable box). I removed the splitter from the equation and the disconnects hung around. I did notice, however, that the uncorrectables/correctables stayed at 0/0 with no splitter on the line. Only when I introduced the splitter did they come back.

I picked up another splitter and re-introduced it to the line and the uncorrectables/correctables started piling up again.

I live in Northeast Columbus (OH) and they are building apartments up the street. I wouldn't be shocked if it was related, but I can't be for sure. It does absolutely seem like it has nothing to do with the drop, the splitter, or the modem.

It's almost as though every so often, someone quickly unplugs/plugs my cable line back in. It's not even long enough for my modem to lose its provisioning...it just drops everything I have connected at the time and reconnects almost immediately.

I even went so far as to replace my NIC in my machine but it also remains unaffected.

I guess my question is...has anyone else in NE Columbus had issues like this? I'd imagine the average user doesn't even realize it, but I leave IRC open all day and see the disconnects/reconnects every so often.