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I don't know if there is anyway to find this out or not. Anyhow, I live in Iowa, in an area that hasn't had any dsl/cable internet offered. So, I had signed up for Hughesnet, ugh, but my only option. However, surprisingly enough last week there were workers installing fiber-optics down our road. Heck, they may still be, I commute to work so I leave before they'd be here and get home late, I only noticed because they were working the weekend.

So I stalled the Hughes net installer guy and am wondering if there is anyway to find out when there will be some type of service from Century Link available in our area?

I've tried calling customer support, they don't know anything, just that it's not currently offered. I spoke to the guys digging for the fiber, but they didn't know. I unfortunately didn't see a tech anywhere, or I would of bothered them while they were trying to work lol.

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There are many reasons for laying fiber, and it may not be related to bringing residential Internet to a locale. If you can talk to the installers, they might have a clue; or not, as was the case in my old neighborhood. In that case, I learned from other sources that it was a specific Metro Ethernet deployment for connecting the community schools.
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Winterset, IA
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What area of Iowa are you?

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Where? They're trenching in fiber by my house too, but no ETA on lighting it up. I already have their 7mbps DSL service and want to upgrade to 12mb.


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in 2010, it took about 5-6 months from the time they started to lay down the fiber to the time I was able to place the order. It's possible the time frame is faster now, but I'm not sure


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said by Technicholas:

What area of Iowa are you?

Sorry, in Wapello County, Iowa. South of Ottumwa.

Thanks for the help, I don't have my hopes set to high. When I first bought the place, checked with quest, they said that DSL was available. A tech came out and told me that a box was reporting wrong. When centurylink took over there was a similar issue. So I'd settled on not having really anything but satellite available. But, I didn't want to have it installed and sign a 2 year agreement with hughesnet if there is something better that will be available before then. I was figuring with winter hitting, well, looks like tomorrow, it'd be at least until some time in spring anyhow.

Thanks for all the help/suggestions.


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good luck hope you dont get stuck with hughes net


Winterset, IA

I'm in Winterset they were during fiber for the Verizon cell tower here MAYBE turning on 4G lets hope Nothing for Centurylink