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Fort Pierre, SD
reply to fartness

Re: Air condition issue

Could be a oneway check valve or a leak in one of the air actuators in the dash. Test each one with a vacuum pump up to 15 inches I bet one is leaking.

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Look Outside

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Would they have done that when they said they hooked a tester up to the vaccuum lines that connect to the resovoir, and to the resovoir itself?

BTW, they told me it would be $75 to $150 to fix the issue since they thought it was a vaccuum issue that would consist of either replacing the lines or replacing the vaccuum resovoir. It wasn't, and now I'm probably looking at $150 in diagnostic fees with no solution. I still don't think I should have to pay that.

I went driving again and put the Max AC on (with heat) and drove 2 miles to the store. It was fine. Drove the 2 miles back and at ~40% throttle (ie. 100% throttle would be flooring it), it did the issue that I have described in this thread. Seems to be ok for the first two miles or so, then the issue kicks in and doesn't stop.