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Re: [IA] 2 modems randomly restart

In Prior Lake, MN. Problem has been terrible for me for 3 months. Started happening about a 16 months ago. I had a rented modem. Started occurring when I hooked up a Sprint Airvama (signal booster that is connected to data modem). I disconnected the Airvana and reconnected. Worked for many months no issues. However, I did not have a wireless router in which several things were pulling data.
Got a new modem, new router, smart phones, iPad, laptop, and wireless printer now. We stream Fantasy Football, hulu, and Pandora. I work from home where I connect through VPN to a secured network.
I started having issues 2 months ago to the point where I disconnected everything. It was great for several days and just started occurring again one evening. It occurred consistently for several days between 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. central. I disconnected the Airvana and all appeared to be working fine until this weekend. I was working remote and was streaming Fantasy Football and it started restarting again. I turned off one of my laptops. The problem still occurred. I disconnected the Blu Ray, still occurred. I turned off wifi from phones and iPads, still occurred. Went to Best Buy and they said it might be power problems with the modem. Very frustratingIng.

All in all, I had everything disconnected at one time and still occurred but after calling Mediacom to reset my modem, the modem stayed active until the next fit.

I am convinced that it has to do with Mediacoms inability to send and receive data at certain times of the day causing modems to fail and there is some kind of cache of data in the modem that needs to be cleared for it to work until the next time the problem is initiated. But that is a hypothesis.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
We are looking into an area issue in MN.