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[NV] Las Vegas - Henderson NV Cox really poor download speed

Last few weeks our download speed has been going downhill, until yesterday its so bad our "premier" connection now runs at an average of .2 - .3Mbps - hsve Cox speed test results. Have tried rebooting modem, 2 different routers (went out and bought a new netgear N900 to test with) , any QOS turned off. The Cisco DPQ3212 modem signal strength info seems low at best , outside normal paramters at worst , like currently downstream Channel 1: -9.6 dBmv and 36.5 dB

Any ideas what to try ? Online support chat has been consistently unavailable today , emails unanswered . I want to make sure I convered all the bases before sitting on the phone forever.

Last Speed test result a few minutes ago

Mon Dec 17 09:54 PM Yes 0 Mbps 0 Mbps 86 millisec 70.170.*.* Las Vegas

thanks , doug

note: unless there splitter in the wall it is as the Cox technician installed it and goes from wall to modem .

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waited all day to post and now its starting to clear up , still unsure what the issue has been , I wasn't able to work all day


Phoenix, AZ
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with signal close to out of spec a phone call is the best course of action.. the few times i've had to call cox the hold times were under a minute..

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Yeah I suppose I should call, its going OK today but does seem to be on the edge for signal strength . Will probably be a problem again . Cox charges if they don't find a legit problem though don't they ?


Las Vegas, NV
moatsad, register for an account then PM your MAC address and I'll take a look and see what can be done.