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Giggity Giggity
Sout Joisy
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Re: [Rant] UPS delivery will not ring the doorbell

Most UPS drivers will knock only as door bells are not always reliable. Plus you have until the time it takes for him to fill out the missed you post it note to stick on the door to answer it. The drivers especially at this time of year can have 200+ stops on the truck. So they need to always keep on the move. Everything is about time, every minute adds up. Most businesses can tell you what time it is without looking when the UPS driver comes in. Also they want to get all of packages off the truck, sups hate when they have packages coming back plus it means they just have to redeliver it again.

UPS drivers are well compensated lots if not most make $70k a year with full paid bennies. A seasonal driver makes about $16, Might have been a seasonal guy that was servicing you. Depending on the area the drivers usually have to get back by a certain time to drop off their Next Day Air packages. My area is 8:30pm.

For me they leave the packages, it depends on your area if its listed as bad or not. If its alcohol or marked high value or signature required they can't leave it, but if you really know your driver he might. Packages that they can leave they will sometimes try to hide so its not easily seen from the street. Like behind something on the stoop or porch.

I've always had great service with UPS, and if they did mess up some I'd cut them some slack. Its amazing the amount of packages they handle in a regular day let alone during the holidays and have few foul ups.
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Overall my experience with UPS has been good. I've only had one genuinely bad experience and one other less than satisfactory. I've used them extensive, mostly as a recipient for the past 13 years and heavily the past 4 years.

My impression or experience pretty much mirrors yours. The neighborhood you live in definitely has an impact on whether or not certain packages are dropped off or not if you don't answer.

The one bad experience was they delivered to the wrong address and never owned up to it. The delivery was lost. They denied everything.

The above being said I've used Fed Ex a lot too but nowhere as much as UPS. Fed Ex is superior in every way as far as service and delivery speed. They usually cost more though.