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reply to NormanS

Re: Google gibberish?

said by NormanS:

Of interest, to me, is the existence of a 'mr.google' host in the headers. I am guessing that the 'mr.google' host is not used by Google for notices to account holders, but is used for internal Gmail transfers between accounts. In other words, the actual source of your posted email is not Google, but another Gmail user impersonating Google!

That's what I'd call attention to detail!
I was able to replicate your header for Gmail account to Gmail account mail.
Your Gmail notification headers also match the ones I have.
Bottom line is that Gmail's policy of not disclosing the senders IP is good for sender security but it makes authenticating mail purportedly from Gmail an issue.
Although I can't say with any authority or guarantee, I believe your "mr.google" theory is a reliable way of determining if the source is actually Gmail administration or a Gmail user.
Good catch!