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Wisp-Router and Paypal payments email

Perhaps things are changing, but I found this kind of odd. I placed an order with Wisp-Router, I am a new customer I admit but I get an email the next day wanting a screen shot of my paypal page after I sign on showing I'm verified. Since PayPal already goes through the process to proclaim me as verified, why does Wisp-Router need to delay and order, to double check this? It was an easy request to fulfill, but annoying none the less. Anyone else agree?

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North Las Vegas, NV

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I went through this with them in October of 2010. The PayPal phone rep considered it a security risk and advised against doing it. The PayPal email response, that I forwarded to them, provided several methods to accomplish the verification without the screen-shot. I find it a little disturbing that they are continuing the screen-shot requests.

My order was delayed several days, because they never bothered to pick up the phone and let me know what was going on. We exchanged several emails, after I discovered there was a problem, and I told Beverly that she should be educating the sales-people instead of defending their behavior.

I had been ordering from them since their early days. I even met Beverly and Eje and spent time with them here in Vegas. Sadly, due to the way the issues with that order were handled, I have chosen other vendors for purchases since then.

I'm not saying that others should not buy from them, just that I'm not happy with some of their policies and practices.


Queen Anne, MD
reply to diddypc
Horrible vendor to deal with. Do yourself a favor and order from somewhere else.

I ordered some antennas from them years ago which were part of a larger order. They called me to tell me the antennas would be drop shipped from the manufacturer and would be delayed by approximately 2 additional weeks. I told them no big deal I was good with that. The antennas arrived. Then, I get a bill in the mail for an additional $300 in shipping. I couldn't get them to answer the phone but the emails I exchanged with them they basically took the position that even though it wasn't listed on their website, even though they never told me, I should have known it was going to be more for shipping because they had to drop ship them. I called BS on that, they weren't oversized and shipped by UPS. They ended up sending it to collections under some weird name - I think their legal name is Family Entertainment LLC or something like that. Long story short, I disputed the collection efforts and never heard back but their approach seems to be the customer is always wrong.


Fort Frances, ON

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said by wirelessdog:

...I should have known it was going to be more for shipping because they had to drop ship them.

WOW. The basic premise with drop ship is to save on cost, not add to it. Rather than ship to vendor who in turn then ships to you, the vendor saves the additional shipping. I've never heard the argument that it should cost more.
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Queen Anne, MD
reply to diddypc
Yep, back then I was order 2-5k of gear a month. Never ordered from them again.


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Thought I'd give a positive on this. While I questioned the oddness of the email confirmation thing, I placed an order and Wisp-Router called me. They offered a cheaper shipping method that I didn't realize, saving me a few $$$s and still arriving on time.


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Same shitty experience here.

These idiots can't get with the times so we dumped them. Used to place orders of several k$ each time... Won't ever do it again.

Sorry guys but your systems and your reps need some SERIOUS work.

Billing was a complete clusterfuck.
Agents were clueless.
And whatever the hell they're doing over there for verification/security was devised by the biggest retard alive.
(Whoever you are, you're an absolute idiot!)

Never seen anything as messed up as these guys.
(I thought NewEgg was a screwed up payment process, WRONG)
Took my business elsewhere and will never return.

reply to diddypc
many distributors have hang ups..

I had an outstanding credit for 150 bucks with Linktechs (another story)

This week I ordered a weather station at 120 bucks: I was told the best shipping option (from Missouri to Ottawa, thats near Montreal!)
was to cost $130.00 (for shipping)
We finally found an option a $40 bucks. I explained that in the future it would be prohibitively expensive to order from them (same for anyone in Canda)

US postal service: No: we have to bring it there.

Might be a good idea!!