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Fresno, CA
reply to heymang

Re: [DTA] For Digital Economy service, should DTA get all the ch

That is correct, DTA's will only receive Limited Basic when you subscribe to Digital Economy.


Thanks for the confirmation. It's nice Comcast fails to mention that anywhere in their communications to me. I guess it's just yet another lie told in their letter regarding upgrading my equipment. Here's what it says the digital adapter provides (emphasis is mine):

-All your current channels in crisp digital picture and sound.

There's no small fine print either where they mention you will only receive Limited Basic channel with the DTA if you have Digital Economy.

BTW, the other lie is told in the fine print where it says this:

-QAM tuner TVs will continue to receive Limited Basic channels without a digital device.

I do get some but not all the channels listed as Limited Basic for my area.

So now I get the joy of using the DTA just for Limited Basic but no longer get local HD networks through it, I have to jimmy rig my setup and just use the HDTV's QAM tuner for that (while it lasts as Comcast will eventually encrypt that too). What an "upgrade", boy did I benefit from that! THANKS COMCAST!