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Siren, WI
reply to gunther_01

Re: Youtube Buffering

said by gunther_01:

Are you graphing your upstream availability? Also, while not so typical, is it possible that your MT is out of steam for the amount of rules, and bandwidth, and such that your primary feed is offering and the MT is regulating?

Yes, I am graphing, but I have plenty of bandwidth available, so that's not an issue. I had considered an overloaded router, but it seems to happen the same at 2am as it does at 8pm. I don't run too many rules, and my CPU consumption maxes out at about 50% during peak time. During off-peak it hits about 20% tops.

said by gunther_01:

It would almost have to be the upstream connection IMO if your DSL line works fine. Unless some strange routing issues that are causing hickups of some sort

Well, that's what I was thinking too, but I'm leaning more towards it being that when I'm on the DSL, it just happens to pick better servers with better routes for whatever reason. I tried running some tests over the last hour or two, and it seemed like at first it would switch back and forth to two different servers depending on which route I was using. I tried to switch routes quickly and then jump ahead in the video to keep it from switching servers, and it appeared to keep running nicely the first time I did that. Then I tried testing the other way, and it was picking different servers but running fine again.

And that seems to be the hardest thing... sometimes it sucks, other times it seems to run fine, leading me to believe that it is just giving me more bad routes to servers when I'm on my primary connection as opposed to the DSL. I do know that this IP range was assigned to a Canadian ISP before my provider got it about a year ago. One thing I had considered is if it was trying to route me to servers based on thinking the traffic was still coming from Canada, but the IP switch happened about a year ago, and I would have thought the problem would have shown up right away and worked itself out by now, but it seems to have just started getting worse recently.