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reply to AkFubar

Re: Voltage-Hurt Locker Lawsuit Round 2 Against Teksavvy Users

said by AkFubar:

said by hm :

Just started reading the voltage doc's.

Yeah they are claiming these 2000+ IP's are "enablers" as I thought. "Distributing and aiding in theft".

They are also claiming these people profited off of them (ie. commercial theft).

I only read a few pages so far but voltage is going for broke and tossing every single thing possible in this.

Only conclusion I can come up with is someone is paying/funding their lawyers (read: MPAA and the American copyright trolls/extortionists/lobbyists) to put max strain on the court and the likes of cippic type people, max fear into people, and to test the new laws on what will stick and what won't in order to pave the way for the American extortionists to roll in and work with what the courts will give them, or allow them.

Anyone have the scoop on this Toronto btzlaw.ca law firm acting on their behalf?

Seems the data was again gather by Canipre.

The whole thing reads like a wild test and fishing expedition. Anyone else draw the same conclusion?

By stating all the above in the court documents (ie how all these people profited and are commercial infringers etc), what this extortion company is doing is trying to scare people into paying the fee in their extortion demand letter.

The fear of:
Over 15,000$ in court, as filed.
Pay our extortion demand of say, $3,500 or whatever.

Man what a racket. This company should be sued by the people. There should be a class action against voltage and this Canipre "extortion enabler" as well as the law firm btz.

Oh man I would love for someone to sue these people for extortion.

I agree. This is untested in Canadian courts. I wouldn't be surprised if some of our hot shot lawyers jump forward with pro bono opportunities to challenge this. In any case this has the possibility of significant impact to the court system if people decide to challenge it. I can't see this going on for too long without sanity returning. Judges and Attorney's General will soon get tired of seeing these pop up and bogging things down.

pretty sure a judge knows the difference between counterfeiting that makes an exact duplicate and makes it available for sale and one where you get some file that doesn't even resemble the boxed edition someone sells ... commercial means for profit
its easy to argue that the cost of all your hard ware plus bandwidth and lack of compensation forthwith means you did not profit....thus it was non commercial you donated al that to receive a copy and that copy is not what they sell in a store...therefore it is not counterfeit. Easy to tell.

you make a claim because something has not been tried in a court that it has a chance of being some way that legally it could never be nor take into account you'd have to rewrite the definition of commercial to do so. IF hollywood thought under current law they could the big boys would be doing this instead of some fly by night gay porn wannbe studio.